'Adele' The End Table


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'Adele' The End Table: If you have an eye for vintage artifacts with an awe-inspiring blend of rustic sensibilities, you'll appreciate our elegant and charming Adele end table.

It features a white stone with shells proudly made in Portugal using natural raw materials and pure acrylic polymers, each piece is superior, strong, and durable yet lightweight to handle. Combined with a 3-leg slanted stool produced entirely on solid wood, giving it a touch of a timeless antique.

The visual versatility, the pragmatic build, and the heirloom quality of Adele will adorn your space with a striking look.

Capture your audience's attention with this sculptural beauty having a smooth rustic finish while enjoying its utmost durability for years to come.

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The plates are made with a very solid and resistant acrylic cementitious compound. Each product created with this technique is unique and unrepeatable for the mixture of colors, veins and colored fragments inserted. The stool is built entirely of solid wood and only fitted using wooden plugs that are invisible from the outside. This type of construction, which requires a lot of time and expertise, makes the product extremely resistant and light.

* The end table is not meant for sitting.

All the items in this catalog are unique handcrafted pieces and numbered. Due to the type of workmanship, they may slightly differ from each other in the smallest details.
Each item is built and shipped within 3 weeks.

Diameter: 28 cm / 11 in
Height: 48 cm / 19 in


- Clean with a warm soapy cloth
- It's not dishwasher/microwave safe
- It's not food safe
- Do not use abrasive cleaners
- Do not place hot items directly
- Do not use it as a surface for cutting

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