'Luna' Candle Holder (set of 2)


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Candlelight has a way of creating an ambiance that is warm and welcoming. And with our Luna candle holders, you can flawlessly enjoy the beauty of candlelight.

Our candle holders are made with the finest natural raw materials and acrylic polymers that are sure to illuminate your setting with an enchanting vibe. Plus, they are also entirely solvent and VOC free, making them environmentally safe for your home.

Luna's impeccable texture and design seamlessly blend in with any décor, while the intricate details add a touch of glamour.

Let our exquisitely crafted candleholder become a center of attention and ignite your dining room with an inviting glow.

With Luna, you can effortlessly add a little splendor to life.

The Luna Candle Holders come in a set of 2.

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All the items in this catalog are unique handcrafted pieces.
Due to the type of workmanship, they may slightly differ from each other in the smallest details, textures and colors.
Each item is created and shipped within 2 week.

Diameter: 7.5 cm / 3 in
Height: 2 cm / 0.8 in

- Clean with a warm soapy cloth
- It's not dishwasher/microwave safe
- It's not food safe
- Do not use abrasive cleaners
- Do not place hot items directly
- Do not use it as a surface for cutting

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