'Mara' Bedside Table


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'Mara' Bedside Table: Smarten up your bedroom with this unique and rustic Mara bedside table.

Made entirely of solid wood and extremely light in its build, this table is sure to complement your room with a farmhouse look.  

With a well-structured design, reliable finish, and ample space, this stunning bedside table is a perfect companion for a nighttime ritual or a cup of morning tea.

This bedside table is a top-notch choice for any style addict, and we are confident that you'll love its irresistible style blending contemporary and traditional interior. 

Mara comes in a shade of soul-soothing pastel shades adding an elegant and natural vibe to your bedroom space.


The inverted milling of the two horizontal shelves, (downwards for the upper shelf and upper wards for the lower one) creates a game of lines and joints that are well-suited for multiple uses and wise combinations. The invisible joints are handmade with wooden plugs and give strength and solidity to this tasteful piece of furniture that remains extremely light at the same time.
Compact and elegant, solid and resistant thanks to the anti-bending wooden reinforcement. Legs blunt and shrank by hand.

* The end side table is not meant for sitting.

All the items in this catalog are unique handcrafted pieces and numbered. Due to the type of workmanship, they may slightly differ from each other in the smallest details.

Each item is built and shipped within 3 weeks.

Height: 57 cm / 22.4 in
Length: 40 cm / 15.7 in
Width: 30 cm / 12.8 in

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