'Susanna' Console


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If you ever wished to enjoy vintage vibes, 'Susanna' Console is your dream come true! This stunning, rustic, and charming console effortlessly brings retro sentiments to your home.

It’s designed to be:

  • Super-functional with two spacious drawers.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with its classic appearance.
  • Well-structured to add a sharp definition to your living space.

You will love getting rid of excess clutter by neatly tucking away personal accessories in its wide shelving. 

With its uplifting and playful color, bronzed brass handles, and clean-lined pine wood interior, you can get an antique inspiration in your hallway. 

Susanna is a must-have for individuals wanting long-lasting durability, convenient storage capacity, traditional craftsmanship, and an extra boost of creativity.


The console is made entirely of solid wood of pine, fir and birch. The choice of materials is such to confer beauty by enhancing the grain of the wood while maintaining a low weight. The upper surface has the convex angle milling typical of our products which harmonizes well with the underlying structure. The drawer front can be in wood or covered in The Limoncino Acrylic Resin, choosing the pattern that best suits you and adapts to your taste and decor. The lower top, as well as constituting a comfortable support base, gives further solidity to the whole structure.

All the items in this catalog are unique handcrafted pieces. Due to the type of workmanship, they may slightly differ from each other in the smallest details.

Each item is built and shipped within 3 weeks.

Width: 40 cm / 15.7 in
Length: 70 cm / 27.5 in
Height: 76 cm / 30 in

Maximum sustainable weight 15 kg / 33 lb / 2.3 st

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